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The hamster is a species of rodent, which carries several types of it, and it is like many pets that people raise in homes for various purposes.

One of the most important considerations during the breeding process is taking care of the beneficial nutrition of the hamster.

The process of feeding hamsters must be in a good and proper manner, which requires all breeders to know the types of foods that should be eaten and other types that should be avoided.

Because improper nutrition would lead to many adverse effects and problems that may exacerbate later and reach cases of death, especially since his immune system comes with a great deal of weakness and lack of ability to resist various diseases.

Hamster’s favorite food

There is a range of different types of food that a hamster prefers, which must be presented to him during the meals he eats, and which must contain appropriate amounts of all the nutrients he needs.

Yuan hamster eats most types of grains, sunflower seeds, and other classes that contain a large number of vitamins necessary for him, and his favorite foods are as follows:

First: Vegetables of different types, including lettuce, carrots, watercress, cucumber, and other vegetables, must be included in his diet.

Second: Fruits, which are apple fruit, which is one of his most beloved fruits, and red dates, and it is possible to feed him small amounts of both bananas and strawberries.

Third: proteins, which are represented in triangle cheese and blood-free milk that is diluted with water in equal quantities, as well as cerelac and oats, in addition to other types of foods that contain a large proportion of protein, including eggs, wheat, honey, and other foods.

Fourth: Dry grains, which are sunflower seeds, which are his favorite food, and peanuts, along with sunflower seeds and other foods.

It is worth noting that hamster food is not expensive, as its low purchasing cost characterizes it.

Harmful foods for hamsters

In contrast to the favorite and good hamster food, there is a range of other types of foods that should be avoided and avoided and prevented from being presented to the hamster, as they are harmful to him.

For example, lemon, which is an acidic substance that can cause many of the problems he suffers from, may later develop worse.

One of the foods that should also be avoided is tomatoes, chocolate, and sweets of various types and varieties.

It is possible for a hamster to eat processed meat in appropriate quantities so that it does not exceed the permissible limit. It is worth noting that an adult hamster eats approximately 15 grams of food and drinks the equivalent of 10 ml of water daily.

Hamsters live in moderate temperatures, so the person who keeps them must provide them with an appropriate temperature in the place designated for him in the house.

Things to avoid while raising a hamster

  • Several undesirable things must be avoided while raising a hamster, which is as follows:
  • We are providing prohibited foods to him, including sweets, oranges, lemons, and others.
  • Lack of adequate climate and lack of ventilation.
  • We are putting many numbers of hamsters in one place.
  • Placing the male with the female at inappropriate periods, specifically in the last days of pregnancy, during the birth process, and after a few weeks.
  • He is neglecting and not providing the necessary treatment as soon as possible if he suffers from some common diseases.
  • Limit his food to vegetables or focus on one type without the other.
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