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Hamsters are one of the animals that many people like to buy and raise at home.

Mainly, a significantly lower price characterizes it compared to the other pets raised in the house, and it does not cause a lot of noise, such as dogs and cats, for example.

The hamster is characterized by its small size and movement and moves in a small space, so it is easy to raise.

Many species are associated with this animal, each of which has characteristics that differ from the others.

Raising a hamster requires several essential requirements, the foremost of which is the concern for proper nutrition and the provision of foods that contain many necessary nutrients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, and the like.

Hamsters feed on plant and animal foods simultaneously, and some foods should be avoided and avoided, including sweets of various types and some fruits such as tangerines, oranges, and others.

When raising hamsters for the first time, many people wonder how I know the age of a hamster. In this article, we will show you the steps to determine the age of a hamster by approximating some of its distinctive signs.

How do I know the age of a hamster?

Many people who raise hamsters have many questions that arise in their minds, including the average lifespan of a hamster and how to determine the average lifespan of a hamster, as this question is the most common among many of them.

Although it is difficult to determine a hamster’s age, some signs and indications can be relied upon to know its age.

At first, a hamster’s average lifespan is between two and a half years. The lifespan of a hamster can be determined by dividing it into three life stages, which are as follows:

First: The first stage of age (0-1), in which case he is considered a young man.

Second: The second stage is from the age of one to two years; in this case, the hamster is considered a man.

Third: The third stage is from the age of two years and above; in this case, the hamster is considered old.

Each of these three age stages has its characteristics, which differ from one to the other, as they come as follows:

First: The first stage (young hamster stage):


The hamster at this age is noticeably more active and mobile to the point that it is difficult to catch it because of its significant movement and trying to escape from people who want to see it.


The sleep of the young hamster begins at the age of one year or less from the beginning of sunrise and wakes up at the time of sunset.

The shape:

At this age, hamsters eat a lot in additional quantities.

If he does not feel hungry, he stores food inside him; therefore, he is healthy, and his body is excellent.

He is also characterized by grace at this age; his bones are not transparent or prominent, and his hair is clean, shiny, and largely organized.

Skin color :

The hamster’s skin at this age is pinkish pink, which is more evident in the nose area, and the eyes’ color is gleaming.

Second: The second stage in the life of the hamster (the stage of maturation)


At this stage, the hamster’s activity decreases compared to the early stage, where it does activities in an average way, and it is also difficult to catch it in this case, and it will show a lot of resistance.


The hamster sleeps in the stage of maturity with the onset of dawn and wakes up around dinner.

The shape:

He eats until he feels complete, and his body is relatively thin. And in this case, his bones are somewhat protruding, and it is possible to handle them significantly.

Poetry :

His hair at this stage is characterized by a dark color, which is not shiny, but it appears in an organized body, and the skin color is dark pink (pale).

Third: The third stage (the old hamster stage):


Hamster activity decreases significantly at this age and is easy to catch.


He sleeps a lot most of the time.

The shape:

He does not eat in large quantities and only eats food with a pungent smell; therefore, his body is thin and lean, and his bones are very prominent.


At this age, its color is dark, and the hair appears unorganized; as for the skin color, it comes in a dark pink color (fading).

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