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The Goldfinch is one of the ornamental songbirds and is characterized as a small bird that lives in North Africa, Europe, Central Asia, and America.

The Goldfinch prefers to live in open spaces that contain highly dense trees and plains, as it is one of the charming nature-loving birds.

As for feeding the Goldfinch, the Goldfinch loves to eat tiny seeds, plants, worms, and insects.

When you decide to buy a goldfinch, you must take special care of it to protect it from diseases that it may catch at any time, and today we will show you how to care for a goldfinch at home.

Good nutrition for Goldfinch

The Goldfinch needs good nutrition by eating various foods that provide it with energy and essential elements and vitamins that make up the Goldfinch’s tissues and organs.

Seeds are one of the essential foods that must be provided to the Goldfinch, as the bird considers it its primary food, which it relies on greatly.

The Goldfinch is fed according to a set of internal factors and environmental factors such as weight, age, temperature, humidity, and other things that affect the energy of the Goldfinch.

Therefore, sudden changes mustn’t be made in the diet of the Goldfinch. Still, it should be done gradually so that the rapid and sudden change does not lead to problems, diseases, and intestinal bacteria for the bird.

Among the most critical seeds that must be provided to the Goldfinch are the nutritious thistle seeds that contain antioxidants and wild plants of various kinds, such as sunflower, poppy, corn, dandelion, and oats.

It would help if you also offered flax and canary seeds, lettuce seeds of all kinds, turnips, and sesame.

The seeds must be of a healthy, nutritious type, and they must be mixed and varied in known proportions under the supervision of the veterinarian so that the bird does not become overweight and, at the same time, can obtain vitamins and elements beneficial to him and his health.

The Goldfinch feeds on fresh vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, tomatoes, pine nuts, pears, oranges, strawberries, watermelon, and other species that the Goldfinch loves to eat.

goldfinch cage cleaning

Hygiene is no less important than good food, as it is one of the main factors contributing to improving Goldfinch’s health and protecting it from diseases.

Hygiene is natural health care and is done by cleaning the bird’s cage daily and removing organic materials and microbes that lead to infection of the bird with microbes and infectious diseases.

It is also necessary for the breeder to be keen to change the water daily, especially in the summer, when the bird needs to drink plenty of water during this season.

Make sure to change the water and disinfect the cage to remove bacteria and minute insects such as mites, lice, rodents, and other harmful insects.

Care must also be taken to place the bathing basins inside the cage so that the bird gets used to washing its feathers constantly. You can use insecticides with great caution and under the veterinarian’s supervision.

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