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After mating, many people want to know the signs of pregnancy in hamsters, and how to determine the stage the mother and fetus go through, so we will show you how to know that the hamster is pregnant.

The hamster is one of the pets many raise in homes, and the breeding process requires several foundations and considerations.

Among the essential things that must be taken into account is the stage of mating and reproduction, which is one of the most critical stages of life that any animal goes through.

Some may be ignorant of the mating age, how the female is pregnant, and other things in this regard, which we try to put clear answers to in the following article.

How do I know if a hamster is pregnant?

The age of puberty for female hamsters is from six to ten weeks, and for the male, it is from ten to fourteen weeks; after the male and female reach such an age, it is necessary to start the process of mating between them.

After puberty, the female hamster enters the mating season from three to five days, and there are a set of signs that indicate that the hamster is pregnant, which are represented in the following points:

  • One of the most prominent signs of pregnancy in hamsters that appears on the female is activity and excessive movement, unlike other animals that suffer from lethargy and lack of exercise.
  • Female hamsters become lethargic in the last two days before giving birth, which is one of the signs of hamster birth. With time, you should notice swelling in the abdomen, especially from the side area.
  • During pregnancy and until you know that the hamster is pregnant, you will see the emergence of the nipples.
  • Constant quarrels may occur with the male, where they must be separated from each other.
  • Signs of weight gain will begin on her, as the female hamster is gaining weight significantly and clearly.
  • You may also notice an increase in food storage, a hamster habit during birth to ensure food for young hamsters.

Signs of pregnancy in a hamster: essential tips and considerations

Several essential considerations must be adhered to during the pregnancy of a hamster, which are as follows:

1- The need to be very careful and careful while touching the hamster and moving it from one place to another to preserve its health and avoid any problems during pregnancy.

2- The necessity of cleaning its cage on a permanent and continuous basis and keeping it clean without dirt, dust, impurities, or the like.

3- The need for the place of the cage to be suitable and more suitable for the hamster, and to be away from sources of disturbance and noise, as it is necessary to provide a climate and a quiet place for it, taking into account the necessity of observing the appropriate temperature.

4- Provide the appropriate food and food for the hamster during pregnancy and water in sufficient quantities, taking into account the diversification as much as possible in the nutrition and meals provided in a way that ensures feeding the body with all the essential nutrients needs.

This stage of pregnancy in hamsters requires increased attention to food and the types of foods provided. They include cereals, dairy, boiled eggs, and other foods that contain many vitamins and proteins.

5- Avoid cleaning the cage immediately after the birth process so that it is cleaned after weaning, that is, at a minimum of twenty-one days, while avoiding dealing with it immediately after the birth process, especially in the first days, so that it is sufficient to monitor its actions and actions only.

6- Avoid carrying young hamsters immediately after birth, and it is possible to move them a maximum of 21 days after delivery, that is, after weaning.

7- About how to differentiate between young females and males, females are characterized by the presence of nipples in their bodies, and indeed males do not. Another sign that indicates the difference is the observation of the genital opening and the anus in both of them. Females are very few, while males are somewhat distant.

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