Surprising Effects of Eating Pomegranate, Dietitian Says — Don't Eat This That

Shocking Results of Consuming Pomegranate, Dietitian Says — Do not Eat This That

Do you know that in Greek mythology, pomegranates fruit of demise† Within the delusion of Hades and Persephone, Hades lured Persephone into the underworld utilizing the seeds of a pomegranate. Not solely that, however this funky fruit was usually related to Aphrodite and due to this fact turned an emblem of fertility too! However apart from the myths, what are the actual advantages of pomegranate?

Pomegranates are filled with vitamins and highly effective antioxidants, making them an extremely wholesome alternative as a snack or addition to your meal. To be taught extra in regards to the stunning results of consuming this fruit, we spoke to an skilled from the medical board Lauren Manaker, MS, RDNcreator of Cookbook for the primary time mother is pregnant and Boosting Male Fertility

Learn on to be taught extra about pomegranates, and for extra wholesome consuming ideas, try the Secret Aspect Results of Consuming Raspberries.


Antioxidants, which could be discovered in lots of fruits, greens, nuts, entire grains and even some animal merchandise, are essential to your well being in some ways. And pomegranates are filled with them!

“Issues like stress and environmental pollution can generate free radicals, which over time can play a job within the growth of unsavory well being outcomes,” Manaker says. “Incorporating antioxidants into your eating regimen may help fight the oxidative stress your physique experiences because of the free radicals. Pomegranates comprise compounds with antioxidant exercise, which can assist your general well being. An in vitro research at UCLA discovered that POM Great 100% pomegranate juice has on common extra antioxidant efficiency than pink wine, Harmony grape juice or inexperienced tea.”

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Many individuals might not notice this, however pomegranates are an awesome supply of potassium. And in accordance with Manaker, potassium is essential in your muscle well being.

“Pomegranates are a supply of potassium, an vital electrolyte for wholesome muscle perform,” says Manaker. “An 8 ounce serving of pomegranate juice has as a lot potassium as your common banana.”

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In case you are somebody who is targeted on health or train, your physique wants sufficient vitamins that will help you obtain your well being objectives. Due to their antioxidants, pomegranates may help you with this.

“The antioxidants in pomegranates and in pomegranate juice may help enhance the bioavailability of nitric oxide by defending it from breakdown,” says Manaker. “Nitric oxide helps your physique get the oxygen and vitamins it must train.”


And at last, pomegranates are an effective way to fulfill these candy cravings with out consuming a ton of added sugars.

“It’s endorsed that folks restrict their consumption of added sugars to scale back the chance of many undesirable well being results,” Manaker says. “Pomegranates supply a candy style with no added sugars, making it a satisfying snack for these with a candy tooth.”

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