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Regular hair cutting of dogs and cats maintains your pet’s general appearance and prevents many health problems that may affect it at different stages of its life.

Many believe that cutting hair for cats and dogs is an unnecessary luxury. Still, on the contrary, pet breeding experts confirm that cutting the hair of dogs and cats has health, psychological and behavioral benefits.

This article offers four benefits of cutting and caring for your pet’s hair regularly.

1- Grooming maintains the health of the hair and skin of pets

Surely! Because cutting hair helps the animal get rid of dead hair and helps expose the skin to air and sunlight, especially in the spring and summer seasons.

Your pet’s skin needs attention; without hair cutting, scales and dead hairs may build up on the skin and cause infection.

2- Maintain the appearance of your pet’s nails

The hair clipping process also includes clipping the nails, which keeps your pet’s nails healthy and prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi on them.

Also, clipping the nails helps to balance the movement of the pet, especially dogs, which may be hindered by the nails and cause wounds in the soles of the feet.

In addition, because the nails touch the ground directly, they may cause the infection to be transmitted directly to your pet.

3 – Keeping your pet smelling beautifully

In cats and dogs with thick fur, dirt and grime may be constantly attached to their hair, which causes unpleasant odors emitted by the cat or dog.

Also, in the case of a dog or cat suffering from intestinal diseases and diarrhea, it is straightforward for dog or cat droppings to get attached to its long fur, which causes difficulty cleaning it.

Therefore, grooming dogs and cats greatly benefit keeping them smelling excellent and beautiful most of the time.

4 – Maintain healthy hair and reduce hair loss

The increase in the length of the hair in your pet and the accumulation of fungi under the inch irregularly may cause hair loss over time.

Because of the length of the hair, you will be unable to distinguish whether hair loss occurs because of its size or a pathological problem.

Therefore, taking care cutting your pet’s hair periodically, especially in the summer, will help reduce the problem of hair loss.

Regular hair cutting for dogs and cats at home by specialists

We at Veterinary Clinics Directory try to help you find the best care for your pet. So if you need help cutting hair for cats or dogs, you can contact us through the chat feature located at the bottom right of the screen.

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